"Journey to the Deep

“..progressive and brave.” “The production utilised a refurbished silo facility.. with professionalism, imagination and a great deal of creative know-how” "


"Sarah is one of those creative people who can solve any problem. If she can’t design and build the solution herself, she is one phone call away from a brilliant outcome. Sarah’s creative success didn’t happen by accident, she has lead a life dedicated to creative extension. She was born with the talent and aptitude, but has honed her skills through years of training and many more years of top level experience. Today, there are few people in New Zealand with Sarah’s breadth of knowledge across the disciplines of costume, prop and set design. Sarah is also a talented conceptual artist and producer. Her work ethic, massive knowledge and inclusive work process make her an invaluable asset in any creative venture."

− Troy Sugru, Una Loco Events

"August 2015 review: Bubblelands: A Pearl of a Play. Sarah Burren’s costumes (for both Crayfish and Blue Cod) are sublime. Burren, who once aspired to be a marine biologist and has worked on large-scale events with the Department of Conservation, has a discerning and admiring eye for marine wildlife. And it shows. With sequins and glitter and lycra, the costumes give Blue Cod and Crayfish the razzle dazzle and mobility they need in their efforts to enchant the audience and help us dispel feelings of entitlement to the seafood on our plates. "

− Maria Ji, Tearaway


The costumes, by Sarah Burren, are superb, as are her faux rock and seaweed elements within the led-light square that depicts the tank."


"Bubblelands: ..what is exceptional about this production are the two fish costumes designed and created by Sarah Burren. Looking as if they have just come in from WOW, they are each magnificently made to portray a Blue Cod and Crayfish."

− Ewen Coleman, STUFF.CO.NZ, October 2015


The size of BATS Propeller stage is perfect for the piece but the real visual candy is Sarah Burren’s mesmerizing costumes. Detailed and fun, the costumes just about steal the show."

− Ben Wilson, ART MURMURS, October 2015

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah Burren many times over the years and she is a delight. The costumes she has designed for our clients have all been very different – some from a TVC character, some as life-like animal and others were simply wacky ideas of her own making. What that had in common were clever design, great workmanship, terrific practicality and durability. Sarah is not just about the good looks of a costume – she totally understands what happens to “paws” that need to shake a thousand hands, large scale creations that need to be transported around the country intact and also what an actor needs to successful perform inside a costume. She’s business like, adept and shows good commercial nous along with the creative talent you would expect of a theatre professional. I highly recommend her work and value her creative input. Trust her with your next project! "

− Vikki Lee Goode, GOODE PR, December 2015